I'm So Relieved

I only discovered what they were today. Sure I have spit them up before and never paid much attention to it, just thinking that they were food, a bit like the way you find popcorn in your teeth and think hang on when the hell did I eat popcorn??

What I am supremely relieved about is that now I know what these stinky things are, where they form and much more importantly - how to remove them. For several years I have had bad breath and nothing, I mean nothing worked to make it better.

I got so utterly paranoid about it that I literally stopped speaking to people because I was too ashamed. I just started to slowly not interact with people, not stand too close and basically feel ashamed and guilty about myself all the time. God knows how my boyfriend put up with kissing me or even sleeping with me in the same bed.

Anyhoo, today at work I could feel 'something' in my throat, could see somthing white in the mirror and  had a filthy taste in my mouth for two days. After a bit of googling, hallelujah, the solution to my social affliction has been revealed to me.

Have just come back from the bathroom and I could not believe the stuff I dug out, seven stinky balls of nastiness, each bigger than the last and by the feel of it there is more in there to come out yet.

Still I'm very much relieved, tonight I will go home and kiss my boyfriend and not be self concious about my fetid breath. I might even try to speak and smile at people again.





Felix33 Felix33
31-35, F
May 1, 2007