It's nice not to be alone anymore

About a year ago I had this collection of crap just start pouring out of my tonsil while i was in the car. Suddenly I had this collection of white crap that tasted horrible all over my tongue and I thought that somethign was SERIOUSLY wrong - so ya know I'm looking at it and its pouring out like I've opened the gates of hell- I go to the doctor she is like insurance? wierd stuff? I'll give you an antibiotic its probably strep and this will save you money on testing.

So happens again and the doctor tells me its probably just food - and I see it still happening and I have a doc apt this week. But I have been FREAKING out - I started searching on the internet - and gouging at my tonsils with qtips and sqeeezing crud out of them. I don't know what they are called and I don't know what to look for - I assume its like just this packet of abcess hanging out on the inside of my tonsil - as I've always been todl my tonsils are HUGE and that they need to be taken out (but again, no insurance and hello can you say pricey?).

Anyway once I got online and found the key word "tonsilloliths" my face has been nothing but a smile - in fact I'm so tired that reading these other postings has made me CRACK up uncontrollably - thinking about other ppl standing at thier mirror gouging at tonsil packets to recieve a nice cauliflower shaped smelly package on the other end. I thought itw as just me..really. I thought i was some kind of freak with nasty shiznit pouring out of my tonsil - and embarassed lemme tell ya - I mean it smells so god awful and then to tell someone bout it? yeah..i have stuff that comes out of my tonsils when i press on it and oh yeah it smells - they think ur a freak and a half - which is probably why most ppl dont talk about it!

So thank you all for your postings that have brought me to tears with laughter realizing that I am not alone!!!!

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1 Response Dec 19, 2006

I agree with everything you said. I have had these for years now and never knew what they were. I thought I was the weird one. Glad to know that others have the same thing.