Stupid Tonsils

you can't imagine my joy in finding this site last night. for the past couple of months that i've been researching these things, i've been suspecting that it was candida and am overjoyed to find out that it is not. these first showed up about a year ago. while i do think that my diet and habits definitely encourage the tonsilloliths to form, it makes me happy to know that they are not dangerous as i once suspected.

i'm most likely going to order the grossan hydro pulse today. i'm looking for an easier way to get these suckers out as they are very annoying and make my throat hurt when they're present.
busterbluth busterbluth
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3 Responses May 7, 2007

I just had my tonsil's out wednsday so if i don't make much sense you'll know why "LOL"wow! wish i'd found this site sooner..i'm 42 i have suffered with t.stone's for 3 yrs....i read a little comment once befor somewhere but, my doc said he had no idea what i was talking about. and when i realized i could take them out no doc around would watch me do it...they all came up with different diagnosis while scratching their head's.. gave me antibiotics, cough medicine and sent me home.... i also stopped getting stone's when i took the antibiotic's but they only worked for so long.. finally i had such a bad throat infection and a bad earache i told my regular doc to watch me take them out or ELSE! he was shocked! to make a loooong story short someone finally took my tonsil's out i just hope this will help me feel better!

Good to know, Buster. I am looking forward to learning of your success. Once again, I am on antibiotics. My ENT doctor wants to take my tonsils out, and I am on the verge of letting him. Oddly enough, I do not get these things when I take antibiotics.

I just received the Grossan Hydro Pulse in the mail today from Amazon. I'll be sure to update this and let everyone know how my experience goes with it. I'm really excited to try it out tonight. Can relief finally be in sight?