My Tonsillectomy

i just recently got my tonsills removed 3 weeks ago. i am a 19 year old female. a couple months ago i started having problems with my throat within a period of 3 months i had strep throat about 10 times also had tonsilitis. it was absolutly horrible, my glands and lymph nodes were swollen in my neck, my throat was always sore and my docter just kept prescribing me antibiotics over and over again. it was a very scary experience for me because i didnt know if there was anything serious going on with my throat i also worried that it might be throat cancer because i was a smoker since i was 16. Finally i made and appointment with the ear, nose, and throat specialist and he told me it was definetly time for me to get a tonsillectomy. the surgery went very well, i was very scared before hand tho because it was my first surgery ever. the 2nd and 3rd days were the worst for me, my throat hurt SO bad i couldnt eat anything and i had to force myself to drink ice water to avoid dehydration, on top of that i was also taking my pain medication every 4 hours. on day 3 i woke up vommiting and let me tell you it burned the hell out of my throat. i started feeling better on day 5, but then the scabs started falling off and it was discusting. the taste in my mouth was beyond gross and my breath smelled sooo bad haha. i woke up on day 8 spitting up blood and noticed my right side was completly blood clotted. so i went to the E.R. and everything was fine i gurgled ice water and the bleeding stopped they also gave me some anti nausea pills so i wouldnt vomit up the blood clots. by day 12 i was feeling back to normal. and now i am eating normal, drinking and lifting and i am definetly glad i decided to get it done because i can already tell the diffrence with my throat. Good luck to everyone in the healing process i know it sucks but youll make it! and to those about to have the surgery just relax and know that everyhting will be okay, and yes it is going to suck but its well worth it!
spookshowbaby spookshowbaby
Dec 6, 2012