Tonsil Stone's? My Doc Laughed At Me

I have been sick for 3 yrs. w/ tonsil stone's and have kept infection's from throat to ear,,,,my tonsil's have been removed!! after finally convincing my doc that i was'nt  nut's... "see doc I REALLY did have stone's in my tonsil's" anyway it's only been 4 day's since my toncilectomey and i'm probley not making much sense but, in my opion if you have to take stone's out everyday and sit in a doc's office every 2wks because the inflamation is so bad it hurt's only to wind up with a shot in the hip,antibiotics,cough syrup and boo-goos of doctor fee's but no lasting relief...then it's time for the O' tonsil's to go....I just wished i had seen this sight sooner though...because i never really knew what was was after i had surgery that my nephew (who is 14yrs. uuuggghhh) found this site for me...I just hope that the problem will be over now,,,it's too early to know yet, but i hear this is the best thing i could've done...when i feel a little better i'll tell ya'll a more in depth story on how i was treated by all the doc's...especially since i had no insurance and had to pay cash,,it was like the doc's were all scared they would'nt get paid...anyway,,,enough bout' me i wish everyone good luck and god bless you all !!! 
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how i got rid of this problem

bamafan, I gotta know more now. How are you? How much pain are you in. I went to an ENT, on the advice of my allergist, and he wanted to take my tonsils out within a week. How much did it cost you? Please let me know. I really want to get this done. I hope you have a very speedy recovery!