Tonsillectomy Was Worth It

i had my first experience with tonsils stones when i had mono at age 9.  i was sick for weeks, and my neck swelled like i had the mumps.  after a month, i was better and the swelling had gone down, but my throat still hurt hurt hurt.  eventually, of course, i coughed up two tonsilloliths, and my throat felt better.  i was honestly too tired and relieved to be freaked out by it.

i kept forming the stones over the years, which i would occasionally remove with the (steralized) folded end of a bobby pin.  i also had tonsillitis about once every year or two, so for a long time, i thought they were pus that had gathered in my huge tontil crevases.  when i was about 20, an ENT told me i should have my tonsils removed, so i did that summer (actually, he said "you're not supposed to have holes in your tonsils").  it was absolutely one of the best things i've ever done.  the recovery took about 2 weeks (more because the codeine knocked me out than anything else), but i'm generally much healthier than i was (did you know your tonsils can harbor disease?), i don't get sore throats anymore, and i'll never cough up another smelly tonsillolith.


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2 Responses Dec 26, 2006

i have had them for years and do try to pick them out. im so self conscious. i hate them..heard at my age that having tonsils removed is really quite dangerous