Yeah - It's Very Yucky

I have had these disgusting things for years and so does my sister. What I'm most worried about is the bad breath that comes along with them - I clean them out every day and brush well and use mouthwash, but sometimes my kids still tell me my breath is "whewww".  Ooohh I hate it!

I have some theories about them that may help others. When I was in college, my doctor mentioned that I carry a low grade infection ( I also have moderate acne). It seems when I take tetracycline for my acne, my stones go away. I also don't seem to get them when I am on the pill - which co-incidently also makes my skin clearer. I just lately made the connection after going off birth-control and having the stones also return. Eewww... Crazy.  I am searching for a more healthy, more natural way to control the stones and the bad breath without having to take anti-biotics or birth-control. But I may just have to give up 'cause it's not easy being a zit face with bad breath!

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2 Responses Dec 27, 2006

Hey please do tell me if you've found how to treat them the natural way.

Just a reminder that antibiotics can lower the effectiveness of your birth control.