Do I Have Tonsilloliths?

Previously I wrote the text below, but I am editing today. Several days after I wrote this, the pieces finally began to really come out - over the course of a few days. The relief is truly great. And the weird thing is, although I had tried for weeks to get these things out of my throat myself, they finally just started coming out on their own. I am still forming and losing them. But I feel better knowing it is not cancer or something! So, to answer my own question, they are tonsilloliths even if they feel like they are in the center of your tongue, deep in your throat, and not only off to the side or visible in a mirror.

I think I must have tonsilloliths based on what I am finding online today, but I have a symptom I am unsure about. The masses I discover are lodged deep in my throat, just past the spot I can see when I stick my tongue out and say "ah." They smell the same as the stuff I floss out of my teeth if I go a very long time without flossing at all. They are yellow/green/brown. Yesterday's was green altogether, but previous ones were yellowish.

Can anyone tell me if I do have tonsilloliths, or if I need to pursue a different diagnosis?

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1 Response May 23, 2007

I am not a doctor, but it does sound like you have them. However, if green ones accompany swollen tonsils, you may need antibiotics. Take care.