Finally ... Answers!

I have looked and looked on the web ... "Googled" till the cows came home ... and even asked my Doctor 3x about these white crap smelling balls of pus are ... NOTHING ... and FINALLY!  I have my answers as to what in the name of GOD they are!  I was worrying myself sick about it thinking I had something awefully serious and was going to die!  I am just glad its not serious.

These stories are a relief and some REALLY funny takes on the same embarrassing experience we all seem to have! 

I want the surgery to have them removed bcs mine seem to be endlessly painful and no amount of brushing, flossing, gargling, etc seems to help the pain or take away the daily bad breath!  I find it difficult to kiss my family bcs I don't want to gross them out!  No one even knows I have this! 

Thanks for all your postings!  I don't know about any of you, but even with the anonymous factor, I still don't like to even think about it never mind putting it into writing, so Kudos to all of you!


SheBull99 SheBull99
31-35, F
Dec 28, 2006