I FINALLY Got Rid Of 'em!

I've suffered these infernal things for years, but I've never had any as big as these last ones! They had gotten so large that they'd practically severed my left tonsil in half! I could feel them every time I swallowed. Gargling didn't help. Swallowing hard didn't budge them. I couldn't cough them out. And they kept growing!

This morning I finally got them both out, and it wasn't pleasant, but it was relatively simple to do (and gentle on the ol' tonsil.) I gargled three times in succession with warm salt water to soften the stones. Then, breathing slowly through my mouth and holding a mirror in one hand so I could see what I was doing, I gently reached back there with a Q-Tip and brushed at the stones until they started to lift from the tonsil. (This did make me gag once or twice, but I just stopped for a moment and breathed slowly until the gag reflex calmed down.) Once the stone lifted away from the tonsil, I swallowed hard to remove it. Yes, I did have to swallow those revolting things, but it was easier than coughing them up--less gagging involved! Once they were gone (ahh...sweet relief!) I gargled again with warm salt water to remove any remaining debris from the HUGE pits left behind on my poor tonsil! (I'm terrified to eat anything today lest something get caught in there again! Yikes!)

Now, I tried doing the above Q-Tip procedure last night without gargling first, and those darned things wouldn't even budge. All I did was make myself gag. I think the trick is to soften the tonsilloliths with the warm salt water first...then they are easier to remove.

Next time I'll know how to remove those stupid things before they get so enormous!

Ain't the human body just a marvel? Yuck!!

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5 Responses Dec 29, 2006

Yeah... I think I'd puke 2! Grose!

eww if i ever swallowed one i would definitely puke.

very funny

Wish I didn't have to....

I hope I never, ever swallow one of those things...