Smells Like Poo Poo!!

i nv know what are these ****** balls till recently. it happened to me for so many years i lost count!
this one day after eating, i felt something was stuck behind my throat and i used my tongue to stick it behind to feel it, i thought it was fish bones or something and i managed to get some of it out! i smelled it!! OMG! it smells exactly like poo!! since then i occasionally grow these white rocks..

good thing is i could use my tongue to dig it out and seldom got sore throat..
know what? before i found out about tonsilloliths. i visited a GP and said "there's this white tiny bits formed behind my throat sometimes and it smelled like ****! when i managed to dig it out" she replied with a disgusted look "i nv heard of this, maybe next time when u formed some, come and see me" duh.. i would'nt allow it to stay there for one more sec! (although sometimes its really really hard to dig it out)

i've tried to use warm salt water to gaggle, but i dont think it work for me. after spitting it out, it feels cold at that area, so i immediately knew it's not gonna work for me.. :(

As far as i know, i'm sure there are many other people out there who have developed tonsilloliths but just that they dont know about it, and we do

someone should come out with a cure and get rid of them permanently!
I'm so sad i have them
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22-25, M
May 30, 2007