Years of Tonsilloliths

I have suffered from tonsil stones for years, but it was only yesterday that I found out what they are.  I learned many years ago that if I felt a "crumb" in my mouth to spit it out quick!  Also I try not to touch them as that stench and taste are vile!  Mine have usually dislodged on their own without me even noticing where they were coming from.  But currently I've got one HUGE sucker lodged in my right tonsil, it's driving me bonkers!  Can't get it out!  Don't want my tonsils out, but don't want these nastys anymore, any suggestions?  I'd love to find a natural method of at least preventing the massive ones like the one I have right now.  BTW from the pics I've seen online, this one is really quite small.

Since reading all the stories on here, I have learned what to look for and have found that I need to clean them out a couple of times a week.  I still need to get the water pik type thing that has been recomended, but can't afford it yet.  Thanks everyone for sharing!

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Read my post a couple of pages back. I bought Dr. Grossman's Hydropulse (it's like a water pik) and I blast them out every few weeks. It's the best thing ever!!! It's safe and easy to do. People should back read more often, because this thing is a sure solution/help. Because of it, I have taken control of my tonsilloliths finally.<br />
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since these are caused by feeding bad bacteria eating less sweets would be helpful. I dont know about everyone else but I also tend to get them more when I eat onions and garlic so I stay away from those, I also found a website which claims that they have the cure for it but I cant say for sure because I havent tried it.

To get the one out that you can see, try getting an old fashioned glass thermometer and push the side of your tonsil or pry it out with the thermometer. You could also go get one of those pimple poppers that has a loop on it. These things have a loop that you can use to sweep out the crypt and empty all of the offending waste product. Some people posting on this site also suggested using a special electrical sinus / throat washing device. It's kind of like a Water Pik. Other folks us a Water Pick that has a special attachment for sinus and throat cleaning.