Daughter With Tonisiliths

About 6 months ago, my 4 year old daughter was complaining of a sore throat when she drank or ate. She's quite possibly the most picky eater in the world so we thought she was just trying to get out of eating. Finally one day I checked her throat and saw a white spot. The George Costanza in me came out full force "it's cancer...see that spot?" so I took her to the pediatrican pronto. After two visits, we finally found out that they were tonsiliths. She chokes up a couple every few days and these suckers are are usually pretty big! The poor thing has a very sensitive gag reflex and so when one is coming up, it's usually a pretty violent event but she usually is able to not throw up, she just spits out the offenders. Should I consider having her tonisls out? She's never had any real throat problems in the past but these things are driving us all nuts.
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I wish someone had taken my tonsils out. Ask her if she wants the surgery.

If I were you, I would DEFINITELY have her tonsils removed. She will have this problem for the rest of her life. I'm 32 and living with these things and it sucks. I soooo wish I had my tonsils out, but it's not as easy to do when you get older. Remove them while they are young. It could save you thousands in doctors bills over her life...not to mention lots of illness from her.<br />
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