What Can I Do About Tonsilloliths

This has been a total nightmare for me. I have just been recently married and my husband quit kissing me and I didn't know why and I finally asked him why? He told me that my breath was bad.  I was so  embarrassed. I went on line to find the reasons for bad breath and I bought TheraBreath, brushed and flossed until my gums were so swelled. Then the other day I coughed up a hard piece of "something" and it smelled so bad.  A few days later, I notice everytime I swallowed I tasted the smell of that "hard something" from the other day. I decided to go online and find out what I could do about my tonsils, since I figured that is where the bad taste was coming from and today is where I found out info about tonsil stones or "tonsilloliths".  I would love to find out how to remove them and keep them from forming if that is possible. Should i go to a ear,throat, and nose doctor?
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i also posted in another story, but i think it has something to do with a low grade infection (do you have acne?) and drinking milk ( i stopped drinking milk except for the occasional latte and stopped eating any FAKE sugar and i haven't had them for a while. I also stopped brushing my teeth with tootpaste because of the flouride and now only use mouthwash to brush with and maybe that's why.....just some ideas

read my post about what to do. I found an awesome thing on the internet called Dr. Grossman's Hydropulse. It's da bomb!!! Anyway...I won't type the whole thing I wrote out again, but check a page or two back and you'll see what I said. It works...get it!