Tonsillectomy? to Have Or Not to Have...

I have been getting these icky things since I was 19. I am now almost 36. I recently went to my ENT and asked what can be done. He said there is only one way to stop them: tonsillectomy. He also told me how terrible the surgury is, and I read more on the internet. I even found a site where someone documented the whole experience with a diary and pictures, see here: Basically I have no idea if I should go through with this. I have not scheduled surgury yet, he left that up to me to decide whenever I want. I don't have pain or infection from them, just bad breath and an irritating feeling when they start to emerge from the tonsil. Is all the pain, discomfort, and risk even worth it? If you have any opinion on it feel free to share with me.

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I'm glad I had mine out. The tonsillitis would make them swell and i'd have to fight for breath for a week. To make matters worse I have penicillin allergies and erythromycin gives me severe cramps and vomiting so it was a pain to treat. Here's a link to what happened after my surgery. <br />
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I had it done. It hurts like crazy. Basically I had to take huge time off work for the inflammation to go down before they would take them out. I work in a dusty place. Thats why I needed to be off. Then once I had the surgery I was in the hospital for a week. Once I got out they gave me a huge presc<x>ription for T3s and liquid codine so I could medicate myself according to pain level.<br />
And you know what? I wouldn't trade it for anything. That painful month was worth it to not go through the fevers and malnutrition that came with my tonsillitis. My doctor told me that it was only going to get worse each time. He recommended the surgery and I'm glad he did.

I met with a doctor at Cleveland Clinic who performs laser cryptolysis, and he said my tonsils are too small for the procedure to be successful. So, I will just have to continue to manage my symptoms the best I can. :-(

I found a list of doctors that perform this type of procedure here: . I hope this is able to help you!

does anyone know of a doctor in Indiana that does this?

Does anyone know of any doctors in South Florida that perform this procedure? I did hear about this procedure in the news in the Tampa area over Christmas.

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You do not have to have surgery to stop the stones. I heard that there was a laser procedure you could have done to close the crevices that these stones sit.