Oh Those Awful Stones.

Much like you my friend, I found the stones when I was very young. I would have never called them stones because they are very soft indeed.  I saw a news special about a woman who had bad breath and nothing she tried would change the smell.  One day a doctor found what you are calling stones .  These stones were round, oval and other shapes and rested in pockets on her tonsils. They have a very foul odor, especially if you mash them.    That lady had finally found the cause of her bad breath. I think that the doctor used a laser to seal the hollow spaces or crevices in her tonsils to prevent any more stones from coming back.

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1 Response Feb 25, 2009

I have also heard the only way to permanently get rid of them is through laser surgery. However, I live in the Washington DC area and the closet place to me is in New York, I called and asked the price and it is $3,300. until I can get the money and find someone in the area, I guess I will do what everyone else has recommended