I Am So Tired of These Nasty Things!!!

I've been getting the nasty white chunks from my throat since I can remember. My mom gets them. Now my son who is 13 gets them too. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I would cough/spit up little ones from time to time. They smelled gross if I broke them open, but other than that they weren't such a big deal. My family doctor frequently mentioned that my tonsils were larger than normal and that it was likely that I would need to have them out at some point, but I never did have them out.

When I was in college, I was eating some french fries one time and felt a sharp sensation as I swallowed, followed by a feeling of something in my throat. I looked back there, and there was a big chunk. Was it a piece of french fry? Or just a coincidental tonsil stone? Whatever it was, it was stuck in my throat for nearly a week. I went to the school nurse, but she couldn't see anything in there at all, let alone identify it. It finally popped out when I was singing (I was a voice/music ed major) and I swallowed it before I realized that it was out. (I tried not to think about that too much!)

After that, I would get stones that would stick in one tonsil or the other for days. It started out happening maybe once every six months, then progressively more and more frequently. Now as I approach my 40th birthday later this month, I have one more often than not. Last week, I had one in each tonsil - the one on the left side popped out after several days, but the one on the right is still there, getting bigger each day. My breath is awful, and there's a nasty taste in my mouth all the time. When I'm alone, I look in the mirror and try to dislodge them by opening my mouth widely, saying "ah," and clearing my throat. I've tried Q-Tips and a WaterPik, but with minimal success.

I would consider laser cryptolysis if it would alleviate the problem. I don't know if tonsillectomy would be a good idea, but I'd consider that too. Of course, for either procedure, I'd need to get a doctor to listen to my complaints! Mostly they just shrug and say, "Huh, I don't know what that is" or "Yeah, some people get those - deal with it." If it's true that tonsils aren't supposed to have big pits in them, then shouldn't a doctor be able to look at mine and know that there's something wrong there? I don't get strep very often - I've had it maybe a half-dozen times in my life, so that's not a problem. But the frequent low level sore throat, the stones getting stuck for days, the smell/taste, not to mention the fear of one popping out unexpectedly and coming out of my mouth in front of someone (it hasn't happened yet, but I worry about it!)...it's getting very, very old.

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You can totally get it done in the UK, I'm having it done in a couple months. Don't know where, yet though.

Im interested to get it done in the UK - whereabout can you get it done?

I know exactly what you are going through. I have dealt with these stinky things for as long as I can remember. When I first researched and found out what these things were, I scheduled an appointment with an ENT. He told me that it is not uncommon and that people deal with them all the time. Not the answer I wanted. I suffer from bad breath because these stinky things live in my tonsils. I was never good at getting them out so living with them was not an option for me. In the meantime, I tried everything, including Therabreath products. Nothing helped long term.<br />
I made an appointment with a different ENT and she said the only way to cure these tonsil stones was to have my tonsils removed. My tonsils were small but cavernous. <br />
I'm a 38 year old female and just had my tonsils removed on Nov 2nd. The recovery has been painful ( I am still dealing with it) but the overall outcome should be worth it if I never see one of these things again. From what I have researched on the net, this is the only way to get rid of this tonsilliths for good.

You should check out the website http://cryptolysis.com it has a lot more information about the procedure and actually has a list of doctors that perform the procedure in the United States and other areas!

I know exactly what you are going through! I just started getting these in the past few months...It scared me at first, so much so that it caused me to finally quit smoking! I had to research on my own to find out what was going on, as my doc just prescribed antibiotics and sent me on my way. I then went to see an ENT to make sure there was nothing else going on and he assured me that it is quite common and that tonsillectomy is the only real cure.<br />
<br />
My breath is absolutely atrocious due to these things...and I know because I test it....breathing under a cover, smeling the saliva, etc. Funny, I thought my breath would get better after quitting smoking. I will not talk within a few inches of another person for fear of them being able to smell it! If this just came and went occasionally for me then I would not worry about it so much, but at this point I am really considering a tonsillectomy. I would love to have cryptolysis done, but as I currently live in the UK (from the US but here for work) I doubt it's an option for me. <br />
<br />
...if anyone out there lives in the UK and knows where I can get the cryptolysis done, PLEASE let me know!

I feel your pain... as I read all of these postings. So my question is how do you know you have bad breath? Has someone told you? Or you just assume that your breath is ungodly because of the way these things smell once they come out?