I Had Tonsil Surgery

    I've been on other websites on this topic, but this is the first I have ever added my own story/advice.  When i was very young (about 5-7 yo) my mom and older sister were talking about these little white  "things" they get that smell.  I think it was in my teens that I first experienced it myself.  I had just gotten over strep throat and there was still some white stuff at the back of my throat.  I decided to use my finger, and sure enough it came out. 
     In 1998 when I was 20 I decided I had enough.  I just happened to hear on a radio fitness talk show about this doctor that uses a laser for tonsil removal and snoring problems.  The host of the show even mentioned tonsiliths (not by that name).  So I went, and for about $2000 dollars they were gone.  The procedure was so easy, I stayed awake, had it on a friday afternoon, was at church on sunday, and back to work as normal on Monday.  Life was great.  I remember eating a soft pretzel and thinking "this is amazing, I don't have that awful taste anymore"  not to mention, no more sore throats.
    Now, I had expressed concern to the doctor in Philadelphia that I heard tonsils have a purpose. So he said he leaves a little there.  Over the years they have slowly grown back, and I even get tonsiliths, but it was very few, and was bearable.     It is interesting what the person before me put about cookies with nuts. Years ago I realized that butter pecan icecream made me get them quick and bad.  Then I realized nuts in general are bad.  And in the last year or so I have concluded that cream cheese is bad, and generally dairy products. But although cutting those items out of my diet helps, it is not a perfect cure.
    I am 29 now and an airline pilot.  I have always been proud of my good health and not having problems like some people such as allergies, having bad eyes that require contacts or glasses, headaches (I can't remember the last time I took a tylenol) etc.   I guess I see this tonsil problem as something I need to fix because I can't stand weaknesses or limitations, so I will probably have them removed totally as they seem to being slowly growing back to their original state.
    One thing I'd like others to comment on is if they have found a direct and unrefuted correlation between tonsiliths and bad breath. I have asked girlfriends if my breath was bad, and they always said no, one girlfriend I had about a year after the surgery said "Your breath is never bad."  I have read that tonsiliths make the person themselves think their breath is bad when it really isn't.  I think the best data would be from someone who is married and can get reliable information from their spouse.  Is there anyone who had the problem, had their tonsils removed while being married to the same person?  If so, did your spouse notice a difference? 
    I am looking forward to your responses.
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1 Response Feb 19, 2007

Try thinking of it this way. Balance, you never had a headache or anything because of your tonsils. I know I would, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go ahead and get rid of them. You are lucky as far as the physical health goes.