From My Experience, The Therabreath Products Are Worth A Try...

Hi All,

I wrote a couple years ago to share my tonsillolith story, and just wanted to post another message for those of you suffering with this horrible condition.

I wanted to recommend to you all again that you try the TheraBreath mouth rinse. I am not affiliated with that company in any way, so this is not a commercial for them.  I am simply a customer that stumbled upon it by accident, and has had great results.

I use the regular TheraBreath solution daily.  I use a dental syringe (it's a fine, curved tipped syringe - I use the "monoject 412" which I get from my dentist).  I fill the syringe with TheraBreath, and gently insert it into my tonsil crevices to carefully rinse out all the gunk.  I use very little pressure so as not to damage my tonsils or make them bleed.  I do this in the morning and at night, and I find that it almost completely controls the odor (as confirmed by my hubbie :).  The only time I get tonsil stones now is when I'm coming down with a cold and my tonsils get all swollen.

The only drawback is that TheraBreath isn't cheap (I wish I was affiliated with them...maybe I'd get some free product ha ha).  But I honestly don't know what I would do if they stopped making that product. It has been part of my daily routine for 3 years, and has given me my self confidence back.

Good luck to you all!

olivedoggie olivedoggie
Mar 8, 2010