First Time Fostering

My boy Zeus was a rescue, I got him when he was 8 mos old he was my BFF and constant companion until 12/11/12.The day I had to make the hardest decision of my life and let him go.Vet suspected he had a brain tumor cause of seizures and change in his attitude months after the seizures started.My family and myself are still devastated by his loss and MISS him everyday!When I got him he was abused,neglected,abandoned,and starved.We bonded instantly and he touched my heart with his complete Love,Trust,and Loyalty he showed me right from the start.He had fear anxiety and separation anxiety but by my side and with some time he became the confident happy boy he deserved to be.

I decided to foster so I could help as many like Zeus as I can, find the forever homes they so deserved.
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Good for you!
There are always dogs in need,and fostering is a great way to make room for another dog to be rescued.As you must know from experience when you help out a rescue by fostering you enable them to save another dogs life.
I foster too,only problem is i become attached so quick and so easily.I would keep them all if it were possible.
I am sorry for your loss,it is devastating i know.i have had many rescue dogs,that have passed they all have touched my heart and were family to me.I still miss them all.
Maddy who will be two yrs soon,is my girl,who came from a rescue that i foster for she is my whole world.She is lucky in the sense she was not abused,but her mother was.The mother was on death row and came to the rescue already pregnant,i could not resist one of her pups,one look was all it took.Mother had been over bred and abused,but was spade and lives a great life now,so do all the other four pups.Mother and pups would not be here today if it wasn't for a beautiful hearted lady called Janet who runs a rescue from her home for Bully Breeds.
knowing their going to good homes is most important,And the rescue i foster for are very good and careful,with it being a Bully Breed rescue,they always do home visits,papers have to be signed and the people that they rehome to, they like to stay in contact with.
Keep it up it's a great job,it is a shame more people are not as caring as you!
All the best.
Love Miche x