A Large Red.

I was leading a small group of warriors in an attack on an enemy encampment on a mountainside. They outnumbered us, but I was confident our superior skill would prevail. It was a setup. Archers killed one of my men almost immediately. We took cover, advancing slowly on their position. Just as we got in range of hand to hand combat, the dragon flew overhead. It dove down and snatched up another of my men, leaving us with only three. I visciously attacked the enemy, slaying many. I was the only one standing by the time they were defeated. The dragon was circling around to fly at me again. Tears for my fallen friends streaming down my face, I took up a dropped battleaxe, and stood in a ready position to recieve the attack, axe raised. There was a steep precipice behind me. The dragon lunged at me, through the air. I jumped backwards with all my might off the cliff - whilst swinging the axe forward to the space I had occupied a moment before. It split the dragon's skull, as it had attempted to bite me. The momentum fo the dragon carried it into me, winding me, and we fell. When I awoke, the dragon's body was nowhere to be found...

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cool writing. I wonder how real the dragons we're, I don't think they we're completely fictional.

This is very symbolic! Do you know what it means? The seeker shall find.


I know you now! The knight of the mournful countenance<br />
YES that fits I just began to understand you lol And to think I thought you were a literary figure!