All Demons Smile

I precipitated, maintained and continued a 27 year sexual relationship with my mother and after her death, my younger sister for a further 8 years unti her death last year.

My mother encouraged me to fulfill all my fantasies with her and I did. I married twice through the years and still we continued with our relationship.

My youngest sister knew but did not mention it for several years. It was not mentioned again until our mothers funeral. Late we went out for supper and began our relationship. We travelled as husband and wife for several years and even went through a rural ceremony to explain having the same name.

My sister died of rectal cancer and I have lived alone since.

I have read hundreds of books and articles on ****** and according to them I should be a mentally damaged sociopath with a hatred of women.

Sorry! Didn't happen. I loved my mother and I loved my sister and their deaths have taken wonderful, caring and loving people from me.

I do not advocate ****** as a continuing lifestyle but it is not always pain and suffering and betrayal.

Everything I have read has said it is all those things. Those demons did not intrude on our world.





sonny sonny
61-65, M
Jul 10, 2007