Stand Up For the Rights of Unborn Children!

I recently started a petition to pass a law into state that gives fertilized embryos personhood status. This would mean that if you are pregnant and lose a baby due to someones negligance or through criminal act they will be charged with murder. Many people (pro choice) believe it isnt a baby until it is outside the womb. I do not feel that way. I want unborn children to have a voice and be protected! If you agree and will sign this petition go to care 2 make a difference then go to care 2 petition site. My petition is under human rights. It's Stand up for unborn childrens rights!

princess4ever01 princess4ever01
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5 Responses Mar 13, 2009

Thank you Elizabeth!

I dont believe so because I live in ohio and this petition is for N. Dakota. Shortly after I do some research, I'm going to start one for ohio. Hugs my friend!

Does it make a difference if I'm Canadian? ...

Thank you! I hope you'll pass the petition around. If you arent a part of care 2 make a difference, may I suggest checking into it? Its an awesome place and has so many groups that are worth your time checking out! Peace!

I'll do that ... good cause ...