A Couple Finds A Master!

  • He is the master and he is going to do everything he wants with the couple who experience hardships in their sexual life, he’s going to give it a new life and his **** is going to help him…

    Of course I knew what was going to happen but I also saw plenty of emotions on the faces of a young couple – embarrassment, excitement, even fear before the man they knew little about and who demanded to call him “Master”. However, people say I look like a reliable person who can be trusted. This time it worked as well. After a few phrases which didn’t mean much the tension went down a bit.

    This is Alex. He is just the same I’ve expected. He considers himself intelligent (because he graduated from Harvard) and sexually skillful (because he likes *******). He obviously loves his wife but in the letter to me he calls her “a bit strained” and says she “isn’t sensual enough”. The situation seems familiar to me. Many women suffer from such a men’s “diagnosis”. Alex wants to play a role of Wendy’s Master as she gets excited from such fantasies. You want to play… Ok, let’s see what you can do, man.

    And here she is, Wendy. She’s rather attractive, but there is something in her looks that reminds me of a village girl. A pretty round face, good figure, nice curves. Looks very invitingly and I’m undressing her with my eyes.

    To give a good start the spouses offer me to have a cup of tea. Why not? We talk easily. Wendy pours us tea, treats me with lots of home-made sweet things. At last she’s going to sit down.

    - No, stop! – I stop the girl with a smile. – You are not allowed to sit near your Master. You should be on your knees beside him.

    I say it calmly as if it was something for granted. I keep on talking to Alex. She’s shocked for a second. What is it – a joke? However, a minute later Wendy is on her knees.

    Alex’s voice trembles but I act as if nothing happens. I drink tea in no hurry, enjoying every minute of the situation. Then I put my cup aside and turn round to the girl. My hand is under her chin. Wendy shudders and lowers her hands.

    - Your wife is very beautiful, - I say to Alex who still shivers. – I like her body.

    I put my hand into Wendy’s décolleté and squeeze her boob. She lets out a sigh and shudders.

    - When your Master touches you, put your hands behind your back, - I pronounce didactically. – Ok, this way is better.

    I put the straps of her dress down and soon my hand is under her **** as if I want to weigh them down. Then I lean against the back of the chair.

    - Pull your panties down your knees, – the girl obeys without thinking as if she was mesmerized. – Put your hands behind your head. – She looks wonderful in a slave’s position. I turn to Alex. – She’s a good *****, isn’t she? – I laugh from their embarrassment and Alex smiles in response.

    They don’t know the distinction between the game and reality yet. Is it a game or an insult? They don’t understand and that’s why they don’t know how they should act.

    I go on drinking tea admiring the humiliated woman.
    - Stand up and undress, - I order Wendy. And here she is, nude. – Put your hands behind the head! – This is my first order in a louder voice.

    Wendy reacts to it as if I slapped her cheeks. She removes her hands. A pause again. At last I put my cup on the table and start stroking a young woman’s body touching her tempting curves and trying to feel her reactions with the tips of my fingers.

    I pat on the inner part of her thigh and she parts her legs submissively allowing me to the most secret places. For a couple of more minutes I pass my fingers somewhere very close but then penetrate her slit – sharply and with no prelude. Wendy lets out a moan but doesn’t even try to object. And why she should object if the ***** is already wet. She’s been waiting for a real Master for a long time.

    My two fingers are already working in her ****, then they move to the ****, after this I caress the labia. My hand dances in a woman’s crotch. It is wet form her juices. The girl can hardly restrain her lustful moans and moves her thighs towards the hand torturing her.

    What happens provokes a mixture of emotion in Alex: lust, jealousy and offense. He’s never been able to stimulate his wife to such an excitement. And this woman he calls “not sensual enough”???

    However, I’m not interested in his jealousy now. I’m interested in this sensual female at the moment, who bends in my hands. I’m focused on her rhythm, following all her muscle movements. I feel she is near her climax. I stop for a moment teasing the woman ready for everything. When I see her body moved towards my hand to get the next portion of pleasure I touch her again and this time I rub my fingers against her **** furiously.

    Ten seconds and the girl screams. The wave of climax makes Wendy bend into a spiral. Her obedience looks funny in this position – she still holds her hands behind the head. The woman seems to be in some other world, she doesn’t perceive anything around her.

    Her husband is stunned. But I don’t give them time to come to their senses. The evening has just begun.

    - Both of you, go to the bedroom!

    I am the first, then a couple of speechless spouses follows me.

    - Undress and sit into the armchair, - I order Alex in a strict voice.

    They don’t object, just look at me with their eyes widely open and shaking hands. Alex is very embarrassed and covers his limp **** with his hands. It is now limp but it was huge when he was watching Wendy *******.

    - You’ll keep your hands behind, - I say and taking a belt out of my pocket I tie Alex’s hands. – Come here, *****! – I give a command to Wendy.

    She approaches and puts her hands behind her back obediently.

    - Very well, good ****! – Wendy doesn’t rise her eyes, she’s embarrassed and submissive but looks more excited than restrained – she is a normal woman enjoying her sensations. I put my hand on her neck and press her down making her stand on her knees. – Suck your hubby, *****!

    Wendy licks Alex’s flaccid **** diligently but unskillfully. Alex’s **** immediately becomes stiff –he watches his wife standing on her knees and sucking his **** in a humiliating position in full view of another man.

    When Wendy used to give her spouse a blow job Alex felt even more embarrassed than his wife was, but at the same time he was eager to **** her mouth fiercely.

    I undress hurriedly. Both of them look at my erection.

    - Crawl here, *****!

    Wendy crawls on her knees to me. Her behavior shows her desire to obey all my orders, orders of her Master. Her mouth is open, she is ready to be used. To penetrate the submissive woman’s mouth for the first time is very pleasant and I like to prolong this moment as much as it’s possible. My **** plays with the girls’ lips, it slaps her face. At last I spread her wet lips and dive into a warm flesh entering her up to her throat.

    - This way, *****!

    Really good blow job with deep suck is hard to do. Wendy does her best but still coughs and chokes. I see tears in her eyes. But her submissiveness is so cute. She doesn’t complain or make attempts to resist. To reward her I order her to lick my balls. While she’s doing it I spread her saliva and tears over her face with my ****.

    Her tied husband watches the process in a humiliated position squeezing his thighs from arousal. His eyes are wide open.

    Ok, enough it’s time to **** this young ***** well.

    - Stand in a doggy style on the sofa, be fast!

    This tempting body belongs to me fully. The sensual girl arches her back allowing me to pump her holes. I penetrate her like a Master. I know her loin is eager to be screwed. Wendy is wriggling and moaning sensuously when her Master enters her hot smacking ****. I’m holding her by her hair and slapping her across the rounded ***.

    - Did you understand who you are, *****? – A slap followed my words.

    - Yes, my Master… a-a-a… I’m… I’m a lustful *****… a-a-a… I’m your slave, Master… a-a-a…

    - You’re a ****! – A desperate scream of a forgotten husband makes Wendy shudder.

    Alex is almost hysterical – he’s sobbing from offense, goes mad from excitement and humiliation. His **** is as hard as a rock. But his sexuality is suppressed by the shock that his wife can be so active and sensual.

    I pull my **** out of my slave’s **** and rise looking at Alex unkindly. He turns pale from my look and even becomes somehow smaller. I take the belt from my pants and come up to this male.

    I’ll help him to find his place in this world if he doesn’t understand that himself. I grip his hair by my hand and see fear paralyzed the will of the man. Alex looks like a girl who’s been caught by a persecutor. I pull him down from the armchair, put him on the knees and press his head to the floor.

    - How dared you to outrage my slave, bastard? – I slap his ***.

    The slap is painful. He is strapped like a boy. Helpless Alex just coils and asks me to forgive him.

    - On your knees! – I pull the man by the hair to the sofa where Wendy is sitting. – Ask her to forgive you! – The sound of a slap in the face blends with hasty crying.

    - Forgive me, Wendy, please… Forgive me… Forgive me…

    I was right about Wendy. This woman has a strong will. She can’t probably reason but she can feel and, besides, she can act. Wendy’s hand lies on the back of her husband’s head and directs his face to her crotch. Alex presses himself to her wet **** as if it was a salutary spring and starts licking his wife with a devoted dog’s enthusiasm. This view is so excited and sensual that it is more similar to a misteria rather than a human copulation.

    Wendy’s climax is very strong. She’s choking from passion and enjoyment tearing the fabric of the sheet with her hands.

    Alex is stunned no less than his wife is. He seems to have lost the feeling of reality. Until today he has never seen her Wendy’s ****** and now it was he, HE, who stimulated her to the climax! His wife is ******* right before him!!!

    Alex’s bollocks are going to explode at any moment and he makes attempts to rub his **** against his wife’s leg.

    No, no way! I guess you’ve forgotten who is a chief here. I pull away the husband, crazy about ******* his wife, and put a big cushion on the floor.

    - Drill into this pillow! – I order him and position Wendy in a doggy style to keep pumping Wendy.

    I’m sure they will never forget this scene. The husband, who doesn’t look like a human anymore, with his hands tied behind, is ******* the cushion mumbling something inarticulately from the lust. And his wife’s nice boobs are swaying in front of his face. Wendy is being pumped by her Master.

    When Alex gives a scream and starts *********** on the cushion I order Wendy to stand on her knees and open her mouth. Looking straight into my slave’s eyes I’m shooting my loads into her mouth.

    - Share my ***** with your hubby! – I order Wendy.

    Wendy crawls to Alex wailing from pleasure and humiliation and kisses him. Alex kisses her passionately. He obviously tries to find support and wants to return to the real world from that abyss he fell into. As soon as the kiss stops Alex starts crying, no, sobbing:

    - Wendyyyyyyyy… I love you so much….. Don’t leave me……… I know you despise me now……

    Wendy covers his mouth with her palm and strokes his head tenderly. A minute later she says:

    - Alex, you’re my husband… And I love you… I’ll always be with you. We’ve just… found our Master.

    A beautiful naked girl with ***** on her face stands on her knees and makes her husband to do the same. A pause that will decide what will happen to them after this…

    Wendy looks at Alex caringly, but as if testing him. Alex feels he deserves this woman. He stands on his knees and kisses my feet.

    - Thank you, Master… Thank you.

    He is sincere. I see they have entered a new world, world of pleasures

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