Finding a Dead Body!!

OK, now I know this is creepy, but I had to post this story to explain an answer I gave in more detail!

It was 22 years ago in Santa Fe, N.M

I lived with my family about 35 miles outside of Santa Fe in the mountains. We had a ranch there and it was extremely remote!

We were on our way to school (which took an hour to get to) and we took the back road out of the mountain that day instead of the front, more traveled road.

This road we were on led to the highway and only the people who lived out there in these mountains even knew it was there. Well, there was a frontage road with a concrete barrier along side it that led to the rural road that went up into the mountain.

Anyway, the night before, this guy was riding his motorcycle along that frontage road thinking it led back to the highway. He was obviously lost.

That frontage road went straight for awhile but then curved sharply and led into the mountain. Well, the concrete barrier curved with it!

This guy was going down that road in the dark and didn't know about the sharp curve and slammed into the concrete barrier!!

When we came across the scene, he was lying on his back face-up and eyes open. He had blood all over his face and his bike was in pieces and his belongings were strewn all over the place! We later found out (by the police) that he was going around 65 mph when he hit that concrete wall! They also said he had been dead around 12 hours!

Well, it still takes us 30 more minutes to get to Santa Fe and call the police. These were obviously the days before cell phones!

Anyway, that memory has stuck with me all these years and at the time (I was only 14) I had nightmares for months! It was pretty tramatic for such a young girl. Me and my older sister still talk about that day.

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I can imagine this would have been a traumatising experience for an adult, let alone a young girl. *Hugs*

well you should think before you say things i know you dont care but u offended me. I found my friend dead and he had the alcoholism diesease. But he was one of the nicest and most caring people i have ever met. Please dont make remarks about a whole group of sick people..its as easy as sayin why do people that drink and drive always seem to be alright n car accidents but sober people die? And i do believe someone once suggested its because they are more flexible due to the alcohol but idk.

Yes, I know what you mean sugar! It makes you realize how short life is! I'll never forget that day as long as I live. I never even found out his name......

Oh my god Winter!!! That is awful. Hugs. I can't imagine seeing a dead body at that age :S. And I can't imagine how it must feel carrying that with you for so many years. <br />
And that poor guy, out there free on the road, probably happy and care-free and then it was just all gone. So sad.

Oh wow how interesting! At his age I bet he had lots of neat stories!<br />
You're right though, about how your brain takes it all in and you "freak out" later!! It's a defense mechanism I guess!!

It was sad..I was so nervous. I took his pulse and I just felt my own heart thumping! I checked his pulse again..I KNEW he was dead and yet..I had to . Strange how your brain takes in the frightening situation. I love these neighbors so much.Frank liked telling old stories. He'd been an engineer on the Panama Canal. Cool Guy.

Thank you Owlie for that. That's all I wanted was some support from friends! And see! You understand how I feel and what I went through!! It's very intense and frightening isn't it?! I feel bad for your neighbor! Especially being elderly! How frightening for her, And you and your daughter!!

You are right to be sharing your story..That's why we support our friends. Whe I was in Fl., an elderly neighbor came over. Upset and near tears. ." Something is wrong with Frank !!" My daughter and I went and tried to help. I saw right away he was dead. Poor guy was 94 and just out of the hosp. It was sad to explain her husb had died..she was confused and frightened.We called police. ambulance..etc That experience stays with me, as well.

Wow jackintheboxxx! Why is the drunks always survive?<br />
It's the innocent people who end up being severely hurt or killed!

Yes it does Toby, I just hope people don't think I'm being disrespectful! It was just something I needed to let out!

I wasn't trying to be morbid BaskitCase, I was just trying to give more details to an answer I gave!<br />
I certainly am not trying to offend anyone!<br />
<br />
It just happens to be a vivid memory for me and I felt like talking about it. <br />
<br />
I also wondered if anything this surreal has happened to anyone else....

Why do I read stories like this?!

Mind boggling indeed Owlie! But, like you said, at least we came across him when we did instead of days going by! Talk about horrific!!

That is astounding! I'm glad he was found sooner then later. 12 hours, ugh. Poor soul died alone. I'm sure you will never shake this horrific memory. There's almost nothing one can's mind boggling.

I know! I always think of his family and how we were the ones to find him! He was just a stranger to us, but someone out there loved him a lot!!

Yes, it was a very bizarre experience!! Poor man! It was awful! That was someones son or father or best friend.<br />
He was a big ole guy too!

what a nightmare. I would not be able to forget anything like this either.