Never Forget

       When i was sixteen I had a very good female friend someone that i waited to long to tell that i loved. I wish i had of told her sooner but i don't regret it. Her and i both lost a person we were with at the time. The part that hurt her was her boyfriend and her were supposedly in love.

     She lost control and began cutting her legs every time she was upset, walk into the street without looking or being at a cross walk and constantly cried for two weeks. It had become so bad that i had to constantly be around her. I had to clean her cuts, feed her take her for baths and bathe her, I didn't mind at all, i loved taking care of her. It seemed to make her feel better and one night a month later she called me and asked me to come over, I went over and she and i talked for a few hours and she told me she loved me. We slept with each other and i had to go after for work i told her i'd be right back as soon as i was done. I got home sat down for a second before i got ready and fell asleep. I woke up an hour later and had a sickening feeling in my stomach. I decided i was late for work so to hell with going in. I made my way back to her place and as i got closer the feeling became worse.

       When i got to her place her her parents had left so i went in and to her room to surprise her, as i got closer to her room i could smell an awful smell. I opened her door and looked in as i did i could feel my heart stop and all the energy in me just leave. My legs began to shake violently and i tried to yell but nothing came out. She was sitting in her chair covered in her own blood. She had cut her own throat and pulled out her own tongue with her thumb behind the blade. I called her mom who seemed to take it a little bit better than i did but still cried. I only told her once that i loved her, I only wish she knew how much i truly did love her and how much i miss her every day.


One day Amanda I will see you again and on that day i won't let go.


allthatremains allthatremains
22-25, M
Jun 24, 2008