When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Appears

Thru the years, I've been - and am happy to say still am - a seeker. I have sought everything, as Koheleth says in the Old Testament  book Ecclesiastes. And oftentimes, what i sought seemed to elude me. Until i digested the great truth that opens this story : when the student is ready, the teacher ( or the master ) appears. What i have most fiercely sought, happiness, came to me when i least expected it, and after having soaked in it, flesh, bone and marrow, for 3 weeks, it left me much in the same way it came : unexpectedly. I have come to believe in a Providential God. And since, He is God, His plans are way out of our capacity to figure out. Are you going to teach Hoyle how to play poker ? So now i have almost everything i ever wanted or needed. i am not rich, i am not famous, i'm not particularly healthy ( though to me, inmensely so ), i'm not ravishingly good-looking, i'm not the life of the party...but everything i truly need i have. The love of my life came without me looking for her, though God knows I looked...my means and their source also came by quite unexpectedly. The more you wear yourself out looking for something, the greater the likelihood it'll evade you. If you're just open to what IS, what is coming your way'll find you. And this is a more peaceful way to live than to be constantly on the hunt. Believe in a Providential God ; pay homage to Him, and you'll see all good things come your way. Now, i'm 60 so it has taken a lot of trial and error to arrive at this felicitous conclusion, but as they say ; take it from one who knows. It is part of the responsibility of those who have found to make the search easier for those still perhaps stuck on the road. Ponder on this, and open yourself up to the moment, with the steadfast assurance that what you need is there, programmed for you at the right turn of the corner. And, to further embellish on the subject, remember the title of a track of the late 60's by the Rolling Stones : You Can't Always Get What You Want ( ...but if you look sometime, you'll see : you get what you need ! )

Elieli Elieli
56-60, M
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lots of wisdom

very pleased for you you never know what life has in store