I Found a Home

Finally, after two months of renting rooms in bad places I have a set home site.  I am really looking forward to getting my life and health back and living in a place where I will not be ordered around, used, or belittled.  It's how my life was before my daughter destroyed what little I had. I have no intention of sharing this information with same said daughter because it's not her business especially after the turmoil and hardship that she caused me with her lies and two faced deceit. I suppose I have a little venom left although I have made the decision to put what she did aside for my grandchildrens sake.  They are ultimately the reason I made the bad choice to believe my daughter in the first place.  It is a terrible thing to not have a home but I am forever thankful that I did not end up living in the streets like so many other people who couldn't or wouldn't rent rooms.
Comprehensive2 Comprehensive2
Apr 27, 2007