I found a lost dog.  He came through the woods to my house, I later put up flyers and that same day the women came to my house while I wasnt home and got Stubbs.  She left the flyer tapped to my screen door with a message that had her number and she was thanking me for finding him.  She also had a reward underlined for 500 dollars. I called her back and told her I didnt want the money because Stubbs came to me I didnt really find him.  She came to my house when I was not home and gave my parents a $200 dollar check and a gift card for $200.  She told them she left who the check was to blank so I could donait it if I wanted to but I kept the check so I would have extra money for college.  I am extremely glad i found Stubbs!  They have had him for 11 years and he was a very old sweet dog.

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That's an awesome story....I wish you would have my dog!

What a great story! And it has the best ending! They <br />
<br />
wanted to give you that money! You found their family<br />
<br />
member! Good for you.......