A New Experience In Life

I just recently found a new web site that allows me to explore my writing talent and my transgendered nature.  For those of you that are interested in reading some of the stories there  please go to http://bigclosetr/topshelf/fiction.   It is a wonderful site for those like us.  Although most stories deal with fiction or fantasy,  there are true stories with fictional covers so to speak.   My story is under my pen name of Melodie, my story so far is based upon my life (if you read my profile) with a hint of fiction involved to keep it interesting.   My story   "A New Life" is in two chapters so far,  I've had help editing it from the site manager.  
This also helps relieve the tension sometimes associated with my life style.  Please go there and explore, I hope those of you who read this go there
and like what you see.  you can leave me a message on my whiteboard by scribbling me.
bobbie13 bobbie13
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Jul 16, 2010