I Have a Solution, Lean In and Hear Me Whisper

 Go back and time and halt the ridiculous suburban cities being built. Who was that man? That American man who is responsible for our STUPID city designs?

Here’s an idea, community cities, people living in the region they work, smaller localized CBD's within walking distance of lodgings. This would also help nurture a stronger community spirit in people, as you would live close to all your workmates in your particular 'suburb'.

Suburbs are the greatest mistake we keep making, the idea of placing everyone in outer regions and forcing them to make inconvenient commutes into a central business area...stupid! And yet its gone on and on since the 50's.

It's too late now! We need our cities and there's no way we can undo what we have, but we might try to avoid the same stupidity in the future.

After that I suggest large portions of cities be dedicated to crops, and that some engineer figures out how to create viable tiered farming buildings in our cities. Make cities self-contained units soon after.

There, I solved this little problem.

Alternately, rename this era the time of the tan and get on with enjoying this great weather. I can’t wait to grow tropical fruit in New Zealand.

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4 Responses Aug 8, 2007

Hmmm, good point! Back on the goal list. I'll think that one through.<br />
I always thought the biggest problem was the fact we've already dug ourselves into an endless suburban hole, and that implementing such ideal eco-cities would be impossible without destroying the current cities, which would require significant resources and defeat the purpose.<br />
If there are going to be any semi-level metabolism cities of the future (That have no need of hinterland or outside resources) then they’ll be built in the countries that currently have low development. <br />
Anyway, I will consider the problem of real estate in regards in industry…maybe a Singaporean type rail-system to ferry people from the worker area to the distant and isolated industrial areas.<br />
Darn this inconvenient industry! The only option I can see at the moment is energy efficient rail systems, basically the same idea but instead you have the work-place separated from the living area and figure out an efficient way to ferry them all too appropriately distant industrial zones.<br />
I wrote a society like this for my sci-fi novel, it just made sense (The difference there was that their god/pla<x>yer was from a world where twentieth century consumerism had gone wild, so he made himself an ideal simulated society with guidance.)

Interesting argument, though I've heard many of these ideas in various forms before. There are several major problems which make these ideas less than practical. One of those is utility support to the area. People don't want to live anywhere near a power plant, water purification plant, sewage treatment facility, garbage dump or any other large utility facility. In fact, people don't like to even live under power lines. Because of this, any community developed under your idea would necessarily be dependent on some utility support outside of that community. Those support facilities require many many workers, who would not want to live near the facility also, and thus you have a commuter population. It's a small step from this to large manufacturing plants that no one wants to live near, but which employ hundreds and thousands of workers who commute to work. Explain how to fix this problem, and you'll have something.

I can strike that off my goals now. ahhh...It feels mighty good to save the world.<br />

so far the best idea i've heard...