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Finally. I think I am going to go with a studio apartment in downtown. Its half of my monthly income which is more than I have ever paid for rent somewhere, but it will be my own place, never done this before, always been sharing with someone else.

Well I think im going to go in tomorrow and give the guy a deposit unless someone else has taken it overnight or something. Its kind of a run down building but the apartment looks good. Apparently the building is from the 1920s and it was originally a hotel. Maybe there are ghosts! I will find out. Like what I see so far though, im excited!
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why not just buy your own property, if your paying half your income in rent why not just pay off a morgage instead?

I don't think there is anyplace I could afford by myself like that, just apartments.

Have you actually looked? i don't know anything about house costs in your end of the world but Aussie land is very very very expensive and yet morgage repayments are quite often the same as rent, eg typical rent where i am is $400 per week yet my morgage (which is large) is $1250 per month, it cost nothing to look into it except a bit of time

No I have not actually looked you're right, im just assuming it would be more expensive than a apartment, ill have to check it out!

That sounds so exciting! Have you moved in yet?

Noooo I decided not to... For good reason too probably. I have a hard enough time budgeting my money as it is without 50% of my monthly income going straight to rent! Its just a little too much more than I want to spend.

Awww what a shame! my rent is about half of my income... here in the UK that's pretty standard!

Daaayamn! Maybe I just need to get my spending under control! >.<

Ah ah ah! I have the same problem >.

Damn I am probably going to have to go wit this option! Time to save and live like a penny pincher!

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I have actually decided against it for now... Im going to give this another month hopefully I find a situation that works, this apartment, I would have been scraping by barely and I just don't feel comfortable with that. Maybe with a bigger cushion in my savings account

Congrats if you see moving shadows or flying portraits call ghost busters hotline haha

Yeah im excited! Just a little nervous about making ends meet! I may just have to get a second, part time job to be a little more comfortable financially. Truly excited though!

I hope you like it, I bet it's gonna be great, you get to have your own space, and rules, and junk, and just.. you can walk around nude if you want, lol