I Found An Old Song Which Reminded Me of My Old Best Friend and Cried

I haven't seen her for more then 3 years now, because I moved to a different country. We used to dance to this one Russian techno song, I loved this song but I couldn't download it anywhere because I didn't' know the group name or the title of the song, I only had the melody on my cellphone. Today I was looking through all my Cd's to put some songs on my computer to make a new Music CD and I put this one CD on my computer which my brothers friend gave me more then a year ago. I never put all of the songs on my computer, but now I did and I listened through the music on there, then I clicked on the song 22, the song started to play and I didn't recognized it at first. I was about to close the player and open the next song but then the Melodie started to play and I just couldn't believe it. IT WAS THAT SONG, I started crying because it reminded me so much on my old best friend and at the old times. I couldn't believe that I had it the whole time on CD, I wish I'd have listened through my Cd's earlier........now I listen to it all the time......I think I should phone my friend again.........la la la la la

GrueneRose GrueneRose
1 Response Jan 18, 2007

It's a sign !! I'd call her... finding the song like your friendship...always there even when it's dark...& then just when you need it most...tah dah ! awsome...