Screw You Time!

Ugh, I found another one today. I didn't pluck it out this time. It is actually a pretty silvery shiny color. And I do have a thing for white hair for some reason! But I don't want them here and there. Either come out on my whole head or stay away.

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3 Responses Feb 13, 2010

I love when I find a gray hair and would never think about drying it.<br />
It's a honor and with gray hair should come wisedom.<br />
<br />
wear your gray hair with honor.

Kitty, ya already know I'm short and purple.<br />
if I don't do my roots, looks like my hair is kinda hoverin' around my head, like an inverted halo!Even catches me off guard, makes me howl....<br />
Oh you Steer, you, men just look better, gray, and of course i earned my gray ones, too, but i am not the flaunting type, thank you, tnak you., right.<br />

Don't let them bother you Kitten. I just tell my kids and acquaintances that I earned the grey hairs, they show the depth to which my kids have tortured me over time...