A Heart Full Of Fur

Have you ever watched a star wars movie and thought about how cool it is that chewbacca is in all of them!!! If he isn't the embodient of the bigfoot in all of his, who is? this is why my heart full of fur cries at the prospect of disney making episodes 7,8. & 9. They will fail to be by the canon but that is to be expected, but the point that i'm getting at is that in the extended universe literature for the founding of the new jedi order they kill chewbacca in the process of rescuing leia. What a waste of life, leia can't keep her *** out of trouble so just let her die. So if your heart can at least boast a little fuzz, don't watch any new star wars movies about the new jedi order, keep chewbacca alive!!
tamikay tamikay
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

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