Candy Backpack Hidden Wrappers By Bf?! Wtf

I created this group because my boyfriend of a year just.. WOW!!


My BF was helping me sometimes at work(candy store) and I have been suspicious of HIM stealing lately, cuz he always has gum and stuff. So I ask him often, and of course he says oh i dont have any more sorry. I got this from blahblah.

And a MARS chocolate bar wrapper fell out of his pocket and I he was asked where he got it he said it was really old. WHatever. I let it go.

Last night when he was in the shower i looked in his already unzipped backpack and found: MARS, ORBITZ, STRIDE, LAFFY TAFFY, ABBAZABBA, SPREE ROLL, GUMMY HOTDOG.

I'm just super pissed off right now and I feel so completely betrayed and sad. I buy him things all the time. I buy him food every day. Every time I eat. I give him cigarettes every time I have one. I hate him right now. So much. Because he made me love him. And then he just TRICKED ME.

He was always super helpful around the house and I definitely controlled the relationship. He would do anything I asked him to do. I know now why...conscience getting to him maybe??

He said that the wrappers were from the very beginning of him helping me at work. NO!! if you LOve someone, u dont steal from them!! We had been back together for a few months after being broken up for a few after goin for 6mo blahblah....

He should have just ASKED me if he could have the candy and I would have bought it for him or shown him where some broken candy is that I am allowed to have for free is. Ugh!! I am just so pissed off that he wou;d do that to me.

WE are supposed to be catching kids stealing candy together. WTF?! When did my duo go sour? TAINTed LOVe

LostLamb LostLamb
22-25, F
Feb 22, 2010