A Place To Stay

Looking back from here, I can remember how I accidentaly found EP. It was afternoon. It was so hot but summer breeze seems to make it kind to my room, giving me both sunshine and the soft breeze late in the afternoon. I was hoping to find an interesting site for blogging. And searched and came out with so many. Which the title Experience Project  caught my attention. I tried clcking on the site for an intro, eventually made an account learning it was for free. And started exploring, learning how and what is all about.
I felt being in vast field full of people and stories. Great stories which I can't allow myself to express.Or stories which actually inspired me to write about my own.
Now I am enjoying and exploring myself freely with stories. helping me to relate. Taking everything slow. While I take a step each and everyday outside EP.
A place next to home.
zephyr2005 zephyr2005
41-45, F
1 Response Nov 25, 2011

I'm glad you found EP and I'm glad you are in my circle. It wouldn't be complete without you. You are a very nice and intelligent lady. Love reading your stories. I understand you though...I found by accident and I feel like second home and it's helped me discuss things I normally don't share with outside of EP...but doing here has actually helped me outside of EP too. Thanks for sharing your stories.

Thank you Surreal. You're so sweet. I'm honored to be in your circle. You're so nice a person. And thanks for reading my story.