i do think there is a god and i wish i would of sooner i have always thought about god but never really prayed or anything intil i got sick but thats not the way it should of been im thankful for all he has done in my life and thankful for the wonderful son he gave me......  god loves everyone and he did give us life and choices but what we did with our choices was up to us and the saying goes god give you as much as he thiks you can handle.... im going through alot and im starting to get a grip on life but im glad i have found god to help me through it im far from perfect but im trying every day... its open my eyes alot because we dont live for every ever and i pray that when its my time i will go to heaven and be with my lord...... thanks for reading
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yes yes yes! God is great! Love your story !!!! Peace and God bless ;)

good story! may god keep and bless you!