Found Him Early In My Life

i found God very early in my life. i knew he existed and was real ... to me.

As i grew to realize i was transgender and a transexual, i still belived in him.

God created me the way i am.

Whether to test me or to test others, i don't know.

i just know he cares about me ... otherwise he would not have created me.

The Bible doesn't address being transgender and transexual. Just like it doesn't speak to the Internet or cars.

He loves me the way i am. He sent his Son to save me.

The Bible speaks to one's heart and, for me, shows a loving and caring God.

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Have you ever noticed that when you read the Bible, it often makes no sense? For example, you can read Matthew 17:20 and Jesus clearly says, "Nothing will be impossible for you." And yet, you know for a fact that that statement is wrong. Lots of things are impossible for you.<br />
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If you ask a Christian about this discrepancy, the Christian will say, "Ah, you see, you are not interpreting the Bible correctly. You need to talk to a theologian. He will set you straight."<br />
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Isn't it odd that the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving, perfect creator of the universe has written a book, but he was unable to write clearly, so we need human theologians to interpret it for us? Why would a perfect god say "Nothing will be impossible for you" unless he meant "Nothing will be impossible for you?" Surely God knows how humans interpret sentences. So why didn't he speak the truth?<br />
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The reason why God speaks so unclear, and why God fails to speak the truth so often in the Bible, and the reason why we need theologians, is because God is imaginary.

Good point sharoncd...We are not here for an easy life. The easy way is no way. And religion can use fear, but God loves and communicates directly with us and if we want something in our hearts from Him He will answer. God created each one of us.

Hi Josie, I too found God but it was not what I was thinking “he” was. I have always believed in God and went to a Methodist church and was had a fear of hell and loved heaven. About a year ago I started learning who Sharon was and in this quest I learned who God was. It is said in the bible that we were made up of God image. This I do believe but this image is not want you see in the mirror, it is the energy that is inside of you. When you look at us to the finest detail we are made up of energy and that is what God is made up of.<br />
I believe that God is the Universal Energy that we all are connected to. God only wants good for you and want to give you want you want. Being transgender or not is solely up to how the genes came together, the state that your mother was in during the first day or two after conception and how you were brought up. It does not have anything to do with being gay or not, being transgender or not, or believing or not. It is just who you are.<br />
I believe that priest and kings have tainted the Old Testament in the bible. They wanted put fear into people so that they could control them. The people did not look further into who God was therefore they gave them a solid picture of who God was and put the fear into. This controlled their subjects.<br />
When you look past the physical aspect of who God is physically and look who God is spiritually then you find that God the universal energy who gives you what you want and loves to see you get it.<br />
I had learned not to ask God for money but that is far from the truth. God wants to give you the world and what your heart desires. You just have to ask for it. The New Testament teaches us about money, abundance, attraction, and how to ask and communicate to God. If money is what you desire ask. If it is being female ask. If you truly have your wants deep into your soul you will get what you want and GOD want you to have it.


I especially liked the part where you write: God created me the way i am.<br />
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Whether to test me or to test others, i don't know.<br />
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That is very profound because too many people - myself sometimes included! - say or think, "Why couldn't I have this or that part of my life a bit easier?" But I don't think an 'easy' life is what God wants for us, nor does it help us grow emtionally or spiritually.<br />
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I think of all of the Biblical characters - I'm much more familiar with the Old testament - and I can't think of one who wasn't tested by God. And many times these tests were frequent and difficult (Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, etc.).

Thanks, TheLovingPrincess. That is what i learned early and still believe.<br />
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i should study other religions more, did in school, but it wasn't really in-depth.