My Dentist Paid My Plane Ticket To See A Cabo Dentist For Crowns I Couldn't Afford Back Home

My dentist paid my airfare to see a Cabo dentist for a crowns I couldn’t afford back home

My friend, American dentist Dr. Nelson Henry in Windham Maine has worked both in the USA and onboard Carnival Cruise Line ships traveling the world as the ship’s dentist for passengers and crew. He operates two clinics in rural Maine and for years has been enjoying vacationing in the Mexican resort towns of Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta.

Recently on one of these holidays he met members of the Mexican Board Certified Dentists Association and agreed to send patients to Mexico that could not afford expensive dentistry in the USA and Canada south for dental vacations. He liked the idea of helping patients find dentistry they could afford in Mexico so much he bought the popular Puerto Vallarta and Cabo dental vacation website – ‘About Mexican’

He began sending patients to board certified Puerto Vallarta and Cabo dentists where they can save from 40-75% on their serious treatments such as cosmetic dentistry and dental implants while enjoying  at a Cabo or Puerto Vallarta resort.

A little known fact according to the doctor is that certified Mexico dentists cost the same as less qualified general dentists in Mexico. His newly purchased website represents only certified specialist Mexico dentists who have had 2-4 years of additional formal training for the types of procedures most dental tourists are in need of such as root canals, crowns, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants in Mexico.

I was quoted $10,500 dollars for my 11 crowns in Austin, Texas and the cost was only $5,500 with the Cabo dentist. And they paid my airfare! The Cabo dentist Dr Rafael was board certified, an endodontist, Implantologist and prosthodontist (he implants artificial eyes, nose, ear etc.) and a maxillofacial surgeon On-Call for the local American hospital. He was wonderful, and made me feel like an old friend the moment I walked in the door.

Dr. Nelson Henry will talk to you about your dental needs, Mexico dental vacations, and set appointments with certified dentists in popular Mexico dental travel destinations like Cabo, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta. He only works with certified dentists in Mexico.

You can discuss your dental options with him and learn how easy it is to take a Mexico dental vacation.  From the USA/Canada call Dr Nelson Henry Toll-Free: 1 888-826-2318, (9am-9pm Eastern Standard Time). 

Or fill out the Free Online Consultation Contact Information form on his site at:  

The secret to getting good dentistry in Mexico (or anywhere offshore) according to Dr Henry, is to insist on board certified dentists when having large treatments. In many countries (Mexico included) general dentists are permitted to learn advanced dentistry by practicing on their patients instead of spending more years in advanced dental college. In the US, it's illegal for general dentists to practice specialist dentistry.  And for good reason.

I promised the doctor I’d tell everyone about how he solved my dental healthcare crisis so there it is and thanks for reading. 




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May 9, 2012