It Was His Sense of Humor That Hooked Me

I have a healthy amount of suspicion in certain circumstances, and one of those is meeting people on-line. I had heard too many stories about people misrepresenting themselves. When I first started chatting on-line, I was suffering from depression and had let my real life relationships fade away. It was a way of putting my toe in the waters of society.

I was selective about the people I met in real life, and most of them turned out to be sincere and honest, but I never really expected to find a life partner that way.

When John and I first starting talking 2 things became apparent, he was very intelligent and had a dry, sarcastic wit like mine. We laughed a lot.

In the past, the physical attraction had been just as important to me as everything else. From a physical perspective, John wasn't my type, but I loved talking to him, we laughed all the time and always found things to talk about.

He moved in with me almost a year ago and we have been dating for 3 1/2 years. The relationship is good, we are aware of each others shortcomings, and it is OK. We rarely get mad at each other and when we do, it doesn't last. I have never had such a positive relationship, and to think, we met on-line.

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My experience is similar to yours, i never trusted online (chat room) conversations but one of the very few ones i had, turned into a real relationship that tide me through the roughs of reality. The irony was both of us were skeptical about cyberspace friendships but we clicked so well and started chatting regularly and became good friends!

Amiiee, I would not recommend internet dating to anyone under 20 for so many reasons that I won't go into them all, but I'm glad you came out ok.

not everyone online is good,some can be pushy and wants something that you don't want to give just yet<br />
but if you both get on then it's ok,it's just my experience with finding a date online went horribly wrong and i'm only 16,i know one thing for sure i'm never doing it again.<br />

Yay!! That is SO great and sounds a lot like My experience! I even moved countries to be with the love I met online. :-)

Oh, I am so happy for all of you!!

Congratulations to all that have found their friendship and love on the internet. There are some special individuals in virtual space that can be your soulmate. I am happy for those that have met theirs.

I met my love on-line too, check out my story if you like "I found my true love on the internet"