Fourth Time Lucky

I was in my fifties and in my third marriage, a marriage that despite my best efforts was growing ever staler. Sex had all but died and our interests and hobbies were getting to have less in common. I was finding more and more excuses to spend time apart. I had never been unfaithful to my wife, I'm not that kind of person and to be honest my wife had always been true to me. One day I was online, on an adult contact site, boredom, when I made contact with a lady living in North Wales, I lived in South Wales, about 100 miles away. I think deep down I was looking for some sexual contact, but our conversation didn't reflect this. We found that we had been brought up close together in another part of The UK. We talked for several months online and I could feel a bond building between us. I didn't hide this from my wife and I think she began to realise that the lady and I were being drawn together. I had seen the lady on cam and her smile lit up my computer room, 100 miles away.

Eventually I made an excuse to be away from home for a weekend, the job I was in at the time made this easy, and drove the 100 miles to meet her. From the first moment I laid eyes on her I knew that this was the person I had been meant to be with all my life. We clicked straight away. To cut a long story short, we were married exactly one year after that first meeting five years ago and there is not a morning that has gone by since then that I have not woken up and looked at her lying next to me and thanked God that we found each other. I love her more every day and there is nothing I wouldn't do for her. She is a friend, a soul mate and the most perfect wife any man could ever ask for.

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Perfect--things happen for a reason.