Mystery Money

I am pretty broke at the moment. I checked the account today to make sure I can pay rent on Tuesday and noticed something strange; a credit of $80.00 in my bank account. There are no particulars listed - it just said Cashflow so I presumed it was a deposited amount from an ATM. Considering our finances I think I would remember if it was me who put in the money!
So where did it come from?
I called the bank to see if they could tell me where the money was put it.
The bank can't tell - weird huh? Something to do with it being in a deposit bag.
I can get it traced for $15.00 - but even with the $80 Im in over draft so I can't really afford the trace fee.
Iv asked my parents and it wasn't them. No one owes me any money.

I guess if its free money I should be pleased - but it kinda makes me feel uncomfortable - like I have stolen it.
The whole thing creeps me out.
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5 Responses Jan 29, 2011

Aw, man.. that's like the worst possible ending to your story :P<br />
I'll try to will free money to you to make up for it.. *concentrating*

Government sponsored drinking! Love it.<br />
Sadly this turned out to be a false alarm - my boyfriend tried to withdraw $20 from my account and mistakenly hit $100 but put in the $80 again so quickly the original withdrawal didn't actually show on the statement. So it only appeared to be extra money - if I had looked a bit harder at the spent money I might have picked it up. But who wants to look to hard at that part right?<br />
Anyway, mystery solved and Im still poor :P

If the guilt overcomes you, I can give you my address. I accept checks.

Haha, that's great !<br />
Just enjoy the extra dough. I got some surprise money a few weeks back myself. The Ontario government sent me like ninety bucks as a sales tax rebate, and I was not expecting it. I put the money to good use and got all drunk :P

Hey I would love to have an extra $80! Maybe you should wait a while to see if something comes up. Maybe the bank made a mistake and they might eventually find it. I would not feel right spending right away. Wait a few weeks and if its still there consider it yours!