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Coming out of highschool at 18, I thought that this would be easy... I'd find myself in college.  Well... I'm 23... I've been in and out of school and about to FINALLY finish my AA degree... and am starting to realize I'd like to do something with computers.  CRAP!  I need more math AND an AS not an AA... GRRR...

I'm back and forth on this.  I'm worried I'll go the route and find out I hate it or that there was an easier way.  It's rather conflicting finding out what ultimately will make me happy, successful, and not bored. 

Maybe I should follow my dream of being a lead singer of a band.... :)

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Programming requires a lot less math than it used to...unless you are doing engineering programming. Give it a try.

Exactly karma! I meant to reply... lol. It's basically a transfer degree. I did mine in the arts when i should have done it in sciences for computers. Oh well. At least I have a music degree :)

lol, im guessing associate in arts, and associate in science :), ie shes switching schools

What's AA? I don't mean to be rude, but the abbreviation summons up ideas of identity spoofing alcoholics and a certain usefully sized battery, and I'm pretty positive you don't mean either of those things! Anyway, it does sound like there is no reason you can not do *everything* you want, if you let your passion for these things flow into each of them. Especially the singing, unless you end up working 80 hour weeks, there's no reason why you can't build your talent and experience in that whilst having a career that you love as well, provided the rest of your band is on a similiar schedule. Some people just *need* more than one thing to do at a time, I think. (Not me. I can barely do one thing at time, and am usually found doing NO things at time. Like now!). Plus, depending on what you do with computers, being able to produce the goods counts for as much as having the piece of paper, I imagine. Most basic computing courses that I've seen seem to be about teaching stuff that self-taught people pick up within a few months just by mucking about.

Yeah I really should try... I've done some computer programing already. I don't want to start off with it being too easy for me and hating it. I'm a slacker if doesn't hold my attention. erg. I just need to stop making excuses and DO IT :D haha

There's no harm in taking a basic computer class and seeing if you like it. Most beginning Comp Sci don't require more than Algebra 2. No harm in trying :-)