Not Good....

I found my gf's diary and despite all temptation to not read it i dont trust her.  So i open it up and its a ******* list of people shes screwed guys/girls since shes bi.  Why would she write these things down?   Besides the fact she lied how many guys shes been with, told me fewer than actual, and lied about a guy she said shes just friends with that said she had sex with him.

Plus theres like one about a train run on here (multiple guys) a *********, people watching and filming.  I never knew any of this and i cant look her in the face anymore after this. 

What should I do about this.  Im 25 turning 26 and only been with under 10 girls but shes 18 and been with 21 and all this freaky stuff that disgusts me.
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2 Responses Apr 2, 2007

well i dumped her and she moved out. I cant face someone whos done such horrible things after constantly making herself sound like a victim when she obviously wasnt by her writings and does disgusting sexual things (disgusting to me). Especially when lying about people who are just friends when she actually slept with them and people watched, which is consistent through at least 5 sexual encounters including multiple guys as once which is sick. I cn never look at her again the same knowing that about her and her not thinknig theres anything wrong with that

WOW! Talk about " Curiosity Killed The Cat!!" You must have deep feelings for this girl, or you wouldn't be asking what to do with her; you'd have left long before reading the diary (since your lack of trust started before then). The decission in the end must come from you. But I can tell you from experience that lack of trust in a relationship has no possitive results. Bitterness, fights, assumptions. It can be a real heartburn! The bottom line is: Can YOU deal with her lifestyle or not? Then plan from there.