My friend sent me an email yesterday with a pic attached.  She was freaked out thinking that satellites are following us.  I have a wide range of friends, not all of which are computer literate or savvy.  The pic is in front of her house from google maps.  It was book club day and there are 4 of us hanging out in front of the house talking.  I remember which book club it was and seeing the car.  It was "The Corrections", which is a crappy *** book, by the way.  I saw this strange looking car drive by and said, "that was odd I could swear there was a camera on that roof".  It did not say google on the side.  I think it is awesome and my husband thinks it is the most incredibly awesome thing to ever occur in his life and he isn't even in the pic. 

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3 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Ahahaha Max would think that was awesome too, despite not being in the pic himself. So easily amused, I love that.

Am I the only one who thinks its kind of creepy? Kind of Enemy of the State? !_!

Thats pretty cool !<br />
Try finding out when they update the shots and have a party ! Let Big brother know what you are up to! lol<br />
Our club uses that site to track big game movement (deer, bear).