Suprised My True Love

I met Oscar here on EP. We talked here, then I asked him for his phone number and we talked, then we got on web cam. Had to meet him in person so his sister, neice and I had a plan to suprise him. He was waiting for his neice on the bus when the bus stopped at the bus station. It was so cute. I was the first one off the bus and was waiting to get my luggage. Oscar and  2 sisters were waiting at the store. I tried to call them over but they didn't move so I ran towards them and he raised his hands thinking that some woman mistakened him for someone else until he saw me in the light. All he said was OMG all the way to his house and for the week that I stayed there. I enjoyed being with him and his family. I was welcomed with open arms by his whole family. 2 months later I packed everything into a uhaul, my son came with me so I wouldn't be on the road alone and I moved to Texas to be with him. I am now part of the family. I am very happy.

brat58 brat58
56-60, F
Mar 9, 2010