My First Experience With Playboy

I didn't find my dad's stash of Playboy magazines. My first experience was through a friend's copy that was passed around at summer camp with Boy Scouts. My scoutmaster's son brought a few issues to summer camp in 1970. Every year at summer campthere were always a few copies being circulated. THese issues were all pre-pubic hair issues eventually I found Playboy at my local barber shop....1972-76 while in HS.
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Oh the things one sees with the Boy Scouts... ;) Had a similar exposure [pun intended] to Playboy and several other publications [Penthouse, Hustler, Cherry are the names I remember] when our scout troop did a magazine recycling drive the spring of 1970. We had big dumpsters in the parking lot of the junior high on a Saturday morning and cars would come through [mostly big station wagons common at the time] and we would take the magazines out of the back and throw them into the dumpster. A group of us would take turns in the dumpster to separate out the "good" magazines which we then split up. Great fun...

We didn't have that kind of reading material when I went to scout camp.

This is amazingly similar to my experience also. Try reading "The Scoutmaster's Son".

Sounds like you are a die hard fan of PLAYBOY

I have been a fan of Playboy for over 40 years....havent missed an issue in the last 35 or so years. In fact for many years my favorites have been the issues with the results of annioversary hunts, searches etc. Jan 79, Jan 84, Jan 89, Jan 94 Jan 99 was not a big issue because the hunt for Playmate 2000 took precedence

Who is your favorite playboy bunny?

Sounds like you started out appreciating beautiful women at an early age. Do you still read PLAYBOY?

I have been a fan of Playboy since I first saw it in Boy Scout camp 40 odd years ago. Yes that was before Playboy's 20th anniversary.