What Now?

Well my sister,my Dad and I finally got together sat down and  had a talk.We basically talked about her and my dads relationship.We had come to the conclusion that we would put the past behind us and move on.So I left them thinking that everything was okay and we ALL could begin our new relationship.I have contacted her on several occasions and she has promised to keep in touch.However,she has yet to call me. I will be visiting my Dad next week and would love to see her. But the way things seem I don't think she cares.I sent her a message that I would be visiting but as usual i get no response.So, I give up.I feel as though I have done my part so It is on her now . WHO AM I KIDDING?I WANT TO SEE MY SISTER I WISH SHED BE HONEST AND TELL ME IF SHE WANTS A RELATIONSHIP OR NOT.WHAT NOW!
vange vange
Jul 27, 2010