I Met My Soul Mate In 1978

I moved schools in 1978 due to being bullied and was issued with a timetable, map of school and off you go. So while kicking my bag into a locker a lad asked if i was OK and said if i had any problems to find him. I walked in that school scared, and a 14 year old child, one conversation lifted my spirit and stirred the women in me. i knew his friend and found out his name, but never did a thing about it, but knowing he was there if i needed him helped and always made me smile. I told my dad all about him and regularly he would say"said nothing, done nothing, want a cup of tea" when i returned from school. He had the most distinctive voice and the most beautiful eyes and smile.Often i would hear and see him round school, but as he was older he left before me.
Ok pregnant at 16 and met a man who physically, emotionally, financially and sexually abused me from 1981-2009. Repeatedly told me i was useless, thick and stupid , that no-one wants. 4 more children. Not allowed out on my own, no family, no friends, no life. All this was normal for me. When i married, my dad said" You will regret this for the rest of your life, and your past will come back and bite you in the butt"
In summer of 2008 a girl from school suggested i go on friends reunited, i was a bit reluctant as what a crap life i could tell them about. That Saturday night i registered, Sunday morning and one friend request and a message. The boy from school,i cried buckets. We started chatting online, nothing heavy as he was married and moving 535 miles away.
I knew he was alive, i had checked newspaper death notices, but i think i always would know if he had died. With all the major issues in my life, i often thought about him and would have to smile.( I'm doing it now)
By the end of August that year he left the area with his wife and son, but we emailed daily, he still had no knowledge of my lifestyle. One Saturday morning my phone rang while on the loo, i didn't recognize the number, when i answered the only reply i could give was "Oh my god it's the same voice" through tears, that safe feeling was back. Due to business commitments in October he came back. We had talked about my sons football match for that day previously and as i watched he text-ed, I can see you. I walked over to his car and for all the years, the eyes and smile still melted me and like a schoolgirl again i told him "I always loved you at school" the tears rolled from his face.
We continued to text and email, there was nothing going on. Christmas Eve 2008 my husband beat me up and tried to strangle me, when i asked him would he have killed me if my son hadn't walked in he said He didn't know. Feeling stronger and now a good friend, i knew i had to do something. January 11th 2009 another argument started when i we were out, He laughed at my attempts to make him listen to me and to tell him i had had enough got the response, "What are you going to do about it" and a sneering look of disgust. WATCH ME.
I returned home and packed my clothes, phoned a sort of friend who came immediately to get me.
UNKNOWN TO ME, (which no-one believes)
My school friend was bringing his wife and son back, as he had told her he couldn't be with her as he had to follow his heart.
He drove for 12 hours and arrived at the door "Are you coming with me now" i didn't have to think twice and a leap of faith put me in the arms i belonged in. We moved in together the same day, it's like we have always been together, same dreams for the future, say the same things at the same time, it was unbelievable. Content, comfortable, happy, safe and loved what more could i want. 2 A levels and 2nd year at university all done in 3 years.
This is me , the real true me, not someones appendage that people don't see.
My soul mate was always in my heart but now he's in my life.
I will never have the time to thank him for it all at 48 years old, only time will tell. But my degree will be attached to his name as i changed mine to his, yes I've done the work but he has been my heart, encouragement and faith in it all including life.

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